mkv running on Apple TV 2


Fire Core just released beta 2 of aTV Flash (Black) which includes support for iOS 4.2 (Apple TV Software update 4.1) on the new Black Apple TV (Gen 2). Mostly there are minor changes, the most notable being the inclusion of support for installing from Windows. The most exciting point of note is a teaser showing an MKV file being played directly on the Apple TV! This is huge news as we are slowly opening up the platform for playing of other formats.Note: I find it convenient that the demo only shows an MKV file. Matroska is a is a different wrapper to mp4 however I have a suspision that the MKV files being tested were still h264 encoded and thus still using the built in decoder. Because of this I wouldn’t hold out on playing divx encoded AVIs just yet.

Plex Nine to be released on 1st September 2010

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With some serious style Plex just posted this image on their blog, no text, just this image, says it all really.

I’m using Plex on my mac mini and loving it, the teasers Plex team have released for Plex Nine look awesome, I’m particularly excited about being able to manage my library from a desktop application rather than using the Plex TV interface which is aimed at consumption of media.

Apple, please make some wireless headphones

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There are a lot of things I’d like to see Apple do, those that know me will expect me to spend this post going on about a how much I want a new Apple TV (don’t worry, I’ll do a post on this at some point).

When Apple announced FaceTime everyone was shouting about how video calling was already available, yes, we all know it was already available but it never actually worked properly. When Apple creates a product they make something is intuitive and functional.

By now you’re thinking, “why is he harping on about this?” Well… I was walking into work this morning listening to music on my iPhone and with every twenty or so steps one of my headphones would fall out because of the movement of the wire. This brought me to my revelation… Apple should make a set of wireless headphones.

I know what you’re thinking, hang on a minute, you could just drop down to your local electronics store and pick up some bluetooth headphones. This is where FaceTime ties in, both of these concepts have been done but never successfully.

Bluetooth headphones are flawed by their method of communication, Bluetooth, it isn’t capable of transferring the audio at a sufficient rate to provide adequate sound quality and is prone to dropouts. With the the sheer quantity of audio capable Apple products they are in a unique position to shape the portable audio industry in this way.

If apple were to implement a new wireless technology (or reuse a newer wireless standard) and roll it out in their next generation of iPod (and iPhone) devices headphone manufacturers would quickly follow suit to push out compatible headphones.